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[A Timeless Design for Generations]

這次項目是來自兩位育有一名活潑可愛小女孩的爸媽委託我們團隊而完成的作品。他們在馬鞍山錦駿苑-一個新居屋屋苑購下了他們仨溫暖的家,實用面積達358平方尺。設計最大的特色在於彰顯空間活用度,利用指引線來擴大空間使用程度。而且,裡面一磚一木都帶著父母對小孩的周全考量。 This project was commissioned by two parents with an energetic and adorable young daughter. They purchased a warm home with a practical area of 358 square feet in Kam Chun Court, Ma On Shan. The most distinctive feature of the design lies in highlighting the utilization of space, utilizing guiding lines to expand the degree of space usage. Moreover, every brick and wood inside carries the thoughtful considerations of the parents for their child.

兩位爸媽希望提供一個舒適的生活環境給孩子,同時希望這個環境能夠成為培育和薰陶孩子性情的地方。為了讓這份對孩子的愛能夠真正傳達出來,我們在改造的過程中定時邀請客人到現場確認分向,分享和討論接下來的計劃。與客人保持緊密的溝通是實現他們微笑喜悅驗收成品的重要一步。 The parents hoped to provide a comfortable living environment for their child while also making this environment a place for nurturing and shaping the child's character. To truly convey this love idea for the child, we regularly invited the clients to the site during the renovation process to confirm directions, share, and discuss the upcoming plans. Maintaining close communication with the clients was an important step in achieving their smiles and joy in accepting the finished product.

這個設計特別選用了兩位父母細心挑選的顏色作為禮物送給女兒。整個空間使用了多種清新的色彩元素,從進門就看到的鵝黃色牆壁,到廚房裡拼色的幾何形特色牆,再到浴室洗手台的水磨石、藍白色設計牆等,設計用色多元化,柔和又不單調。這次的設計用“賞心悅目”來形容最適合不過,顏色使整個空間充滿快樂舒暢格調。在色彩繽紛的環境中成長的小孩會自然地懂得帶著愉快的心情去欣賞周邊不同的事物。 This design specially selected colours carefully chosen by the parents as a gift for their daughter. The entire space uses a variety of fresh colour elements, from the warm yellow walls seen as soon as you enter, to the kitchen's blended-colour geometric feature wall, to the blue and white designed wall above the terrazzo bathroom sink. The colour usage in the design is diverse, soft, and not monotonous. The term "a feast for the eyes" is most suitable to describe this design, as the colours make the entire space full of a happy and comfortable atmosphere. Children growing up in a colourful environment will naturally learn to appreciate the different things around them with a pleasant mindset.

溫暖是這份禮物的第二層意思。房間充滿了父母對女兒的保護之情。大部分的傢俱都選用了弧形設計,以預防小朋友因為碰撞而受傷。同時,磨掉陵陵角角使空間注入一絲絲的柔和溫暖。進門的玄關設計是一個弧形拱門,與一般的設計不同。這是兩位父母的細心之舉,他們希望通過弧形線條來展現空間的玩味,為小孩和整個家庭環境建造活潑的氛圍。 Warmth is the second layer of meaning in this design. The room is filled with the parents' caring feelings for their daughter. Most of the furniture is designed with curves to prevent the child from getting hurt due to collisions. At the same time, removing sharp corners infuses the space with a touch of gentle warmth. The design of the entrance hall is different from the typical one, with an arched entrance. This is a thoughtful gesture from the parents, who hope to showcase a touch of playfulness in the space through curved lines and create a lively atmosphere for the child and the entire family environment.

設計的第三意思是「伴你成長」。業主購下這個單並用心佈置是因為他們希望這裡會世世代代相傳。這房子會伴隨女兒成長,所以睡房選用了地台床取代一般的單人床。佈置可根據不同成長階段隨時轉換。不論是幾歲都是女兒最溫暖的家。 The third meaning of the design is “Growing with You." The owners purchased this unit and decorated it with care because they hope it will be passed down for generations. This house will accompany their daughter as she grows, so a platform bed was chosen for the bedroom instead of a regular single bed. The arrangement can be changed at any time according to different stages of growth. No matter how old, this will always be the warmest home for their daughter.


Across different regions, cultures, and races, the only constant is the love of the previous generation for the next. Love can be expressed in different ways, and passing down love through the form of a house is a common pattern in many cultures. A home design that is enduring, innovative, and can transmit family ideas is the best gift for the next generation.


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