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[Interior Design Is An International Language】

'Tang Lau' is Hong Kong's unique building style and have seen Hong Kong’s transition from a small 'fishing pot' to an internationally recognised city. Hong Kong is an international hub with many people from around the world. They come for short or long stay with many different reasons. Building a home that adheres to a multitude of different nationality, culture and backgrounds is very important. Utilising modern and minimalist is one of the preferred choices for the international market.


In Central and western districts of Hong Kong Island, there are many 'Tang Lau' which are favoured by foreigner tenants because they help these foreigners experience an authentic Hong Kong. Our project this time is helping an owner to renovate his rental apartment located in an over 50 years old Tang Lau near the PMQ area.


We planned to change the whole setting completely. But, this building is quite old and fragile, making them not suitable for heavy renovations. So, our designers decided to keep the original setting without tearing down any walls. No change doesn’t mean cannot change. To give a completely new look to the place, the designers decided to create a grand service apartment style. We change the small kitchen next to the toilet into a bathroom and laundry area. On the other hand, moving the kitchen to the living room and making it into open setting with a sleek design, allowing light to reach the whole living area.


The theme colour for this design is focused on natural and light tone. For the floor, we use a natural, soft walnut colour, matching with soft white walls. Built-in furniture, such as the kitchen cabinets, we use white and light grey with black frame as an accent. The whole area is minimalist with an open plan. The basic colours allow the tenant to bring in different styles of furniture or items that represent them or their culture. Any theme can fit within the frame easily. This kind of style is suitable for any tenants from around the world. They can experience the history of Hong Kong by living within a 'Tang Lau' but at the same time allowing them to have a piece of home in a foreign country.


Interior design is a creative industry. We try not to let boundaries get in the way of providing the best design for you. You can say that interior design is akin to an international language that can overcome nationalities and cultural differences. No matter which language you speak, interior design can be understood by all.




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