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【A house that grows up with your kids】

The definition of 'world' is boundless for adults. However, for kids 'home is their world where they start exploring life and to grow. Therefore, when designing houses for clients with kids, we cannot just look at the current situation, but foresee their different future needs . Our idea is building a house that grows with your family.


The journey of growth for kids is long. Apart from building a comfortable environment, including well equipped functions is also important. Such as a design can provide enough storage space for now and later. The Metropolis Plaza project is about renovating a 559 sq ft unit for a family. The parents hope to bring a warm and secure home for their kids. Providing a solid foundation for them to pursue a better future.


Upholding these desires from the parents, we decided to use natural elements which is warm and timeless as our main design direction. When light-gray-stone colour matches with beige tone materials in different gradients, it brings out a warm vibe. We evenly use both cold and warm colours throughout the design. These colours are easily matchable with different furnitures and decorations. This increases flexibility for future changes. to balance the visual presentation, we included a touch of modern elements by using loose furnitures. For example, we use curve, streamlined design in the sideboard in the dining area. The curve makes this base look more tidy and unique. The round edge design also provides a safer space for kids.

客廳因為原有的牆身寬度,而限制了它的大小。雖然空間是固定的,但設計是靈活的。我們把電視櫃拉長,做成一道帶有設計感的間隔牆,並延伸到飯廳,讓客廳的範圍往外拉伸,小孩子的活動空間變的更大。電視牆右邊是一道暗藏門,推開後是通往睡房的走廊。電視牆的設計不但擴大了客廳,也打造了門後一個寧靜的休息或學習環境。 走廊上的牆壁,我們特別運用射燈設計,打造了一個角落,爸爸媽媽希望用來展示將來小孩子拿到的獎項或生活的一點一滴。從設計,我們看到父母對孩子的期望和祝福。

In the living room, the original TV wall was small and limited the size of it indirectly. Space is fixed but design is flexible. Therefore, we built a partition TV wall that extended the original wall to the dining area. It makes the space visually bigger and also functionally, allowing more space for kids to play. On the partition wall, there is an invisible door which leads to the bedrooms. This designs separates the living room and the resting area. It provides a quieter learning and resting space for the family. On the corridor wall , we specially designed a corner using spotlighting, on which the parents can showcase their kid’s future achievements. From these design ideas, we can see the love and wishes from parents to their next generation.


The differences between a place to sleep and a home, the later one has one more layer of meaning. For parents, home means invisible institutions at where kids can learn how to love, to grow and to create.




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