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【6 Days Office Renovation Challenge】

The office can be treated as the second home for majority of urbanites. Every weekday working 9/6, a comfortable working space is absolutely necessary to employees. The client of this office renovation project is specialized in technology. It operates 24/7 because there is a server system in the company that cannot be stopped. With the request of providing employees with a better working environment and enhancing the company's image without affecting the business operation , the boss came to us for solutions.


The client company hasn’t changed their interior design since it was founded 20 years ago. The boss and staff have made themselves legends in this office by turning a small business into a sizeable successful enterprise in today’s market. It is normal for the boss having a such determination toward his environment in where his legends were made. It is a pity to tear down this memorable place so we chose the "light renovation” approach in order to meet the requirement of minimum impact on daily operations and keeping his meaning intact. We made use of the 5-day holiday in April to carry out the renovation. it took only 6 days from the beginning to the end to complete this interior project.




To suit the vibrant image of a technology company, our design concept is to build up a modern-urban-vibe in the office and get rid of the dim and old look without changing the main structure. Like a live performance, changing the backdrop is the most effective way to catch people’s eyes and bring in refreshing feelings, so we changed the wallpaper of the office. To avoid boredom, we use layers of colour to highlight different zones. In the front desk and the chairman’s room at the back area, grey tone wallpaper is being used. The main office area in the middle, we use white tone.




"Light decoration" emphasises using the least moves to achieve the greatest effect. Vinyl flooring is a very good choice as the flooring material quality and the installation technology nowadays has improved. As long as the floor is flat and the lower layer isn’t damp, you can directly pave the floor by putting the materials on the top surface. It is essential for business interior project to reduce the impact on operations. In this project, we chose a Korean brand of flooring with grey cement pattern to bring out the modern feel.




We use the urban theme colour (grey and white) on the wall and floor to highlight modern vibe. Those light colours also help expanding and enlarging the space visually. To strengthen the result, we also adjusted the lighting of the entire office. When the light shoots on the light-coloured wall, soft and moderate light is reflected out that makes the entire space brighter and more comfortable. Minor change but big effect is the magic of “light renovation”.




Choosing a spot to have a big change instead of the whole space can achieve a big effect in short period of time. This time, we chose the reception area where the moment of truth takes place when people first come in. To catch people’s eyes, we made a brand new sign. The next step is to change the old and yellowish reception counter in tall and narrow shape, keeping in tune with the modern design. We replaced it into a long and white counter with the appropriate height. Although it is wider than before, the white colour is visually more spacious and appealing. The height of the counter is below eye level, making the horizontal field of view wider.



In terms of decorations, we removed the couch on the left side of the entrance and changed it to a simple elegant designed armchair; making the area more spacious and multifunctional. When there are guests, it is a useful piece of furniture. When there are no guests, it becomes a stylish decoration and makes the place looks more modern. We also hung up some art paintings on the wall. If you pay attention, they all have one thing in common, which is ‘orange’. This is because the office originally had a large piece of orange coloured decoration wall on the right side of the entrance. Not sure it is due to feng shui reasons or just old habits, it has become a lucky colour that has intertwined and become a part of everyones life; motivate everyone in this company. Therefore, we keep his "lucky colour" in small subtle details with the hope that the good meaning can be continue and spread.

There are many ways to level up the interior design of your office in a short period of time. As long as you understand the characteristics and chemical balance between each material, you can quickly improve the quality of the space by simply changing the wallpaper, matching the right colour, and adjusting the lighting.




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