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何文田山道Ho Man Tin Hill Road | 新古典主義 (Neoclassicism)

何文田山道Ho Man Tin Hill Road

實用面積 Saleable Area: 1905 sq ft

走進去這個寬敞的家裡,整個的設計,讓人感覺到這空間是有意識地簡潔,亦有意識地深藏- 在1900尺的規劃中,俐落照顧好四個房間和大量儲物的空間。

When you walk into this apartment, no wonder it’s a space that speaks consciously about a minimalist lifestyle with functions - Four spacious bedrooms with sufficient hidden storage areas. This design takes care of all.

|加入現代與古典美學中的一點平衡-新古典主義 (Neoclassicism)

// Something that sparks between modern and classic - Neoclassicism.



Neoclassical interior design rooted in art history since the 18 century. During this period, a movement wanted to move away from the superficial nature of Baroque and Rococo designs. Each design intention reflects people’s social status down through the ages. When a space is consciously infused with history and thoughts, it’s also manifesting our beliefs and values in beauty at the same time.

This design is our new creation with a sense of Neoclassicism, bringing more stories into one living space.


// Material selection speaks.

金銅、絲絨、壁紙、牆面花線及天花設計是新古典主義建築中的代表元素。設計師把眾多元素完整地分佈於整體空間的各個角落- 抬頭發現隱約的金銅色渡邊天花線,低調對應了用餐區的餐桌、燈飾,還有客廳茶几的桌邊;同時在壁紙與大理石的牆面、廚房瓷磚和伸延至陽台的地磚,亦能找到貫穿彼此的色調與細緻的花紋,低調而平衡。

Bronze, velvet, fabulous wallpapers and neoclassical architectural features are the main elements in Neoclassicism. Designer perfectly plays these elements around by details. You can discover the highlight of bronze appears on the ceiling cornices, lighting and selected coffee table. Fine bronze patterns are harmoniously aligned throughout all wallpapers and marble tiles. A soft balancing touch with textures.


// Transparent surroundings.



Being transparent is an attitude which goes beyond solid materials. The intention of setting up a clear glass between the kitchen and dining area smoothly opens up the scenery from indoor to the outdoor - more simple and elegant than infusing any mirror accessories. The steamline wall cabinet separates the walk-in closet and bed in the ensuite master bedroom. Transparency lives in all surroundings.

We believe the precious value of neoclassical interior design is not just about visual classy elements on hardwares. It’s more about how the design continues the neoclassical spirit from history into our present era. One of our design missions is to combine the beauty from ancient to modern, and deepen the meaning of a place we called home.


We proudly present this new creation with you.

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