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“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” — Nelson Mandela


B.R.G. is celebrating the 4th anniversary by creating a brand new office in our city. This is a new multi-functional space which continuously shows great design ideas from virtual into physical, bringing you the whole new experience on the design journey with us.


//Beyond better.


Now is the era of ‘Creations beyond Imagination’. Spaces are no longer limited by regular functions but expected to be more multipurpose for a better living. The entire open space in our new office combines the designs on both working, meeting, living and resting. It’s a space for us to work, also a showroom we prepare for you to experience.


//Touch & feel the design.


B.R.G. had various designs for both residential and commercial spaces in the past four years. Now it’s the time to select all our feature designs from the portfolio into a showroom - a place where you can visualize all product details with various material options, getting a wide range of inspirations before you design your own space.


//All details matter.


We care about both space planning and interior styling. Our new office with a showroom allows us to demonstrate the design ideas from renovation to decoration - from a wall to a cloth, we take care all.


//Every milestone is worth celebrating with you.



This is the most precious moment for our team to celebrate. We create the perfect work space to speak our design ethics. It’s a chapter celebrating our growth, also the new chapter to tell more stories via all coming designs.

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