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The Parcville 采葉庭




This unit, which is located in The Parcville, Yuen Long, is a sweet home bought by a young couple. The original design was old and outdated as it was an 18-year old residential building at the time of purchase. The client preferred renovating the space without changing the main structure and refurbishing it to bring a new modern sense to the old house.

The client likes golden rose colour and Nordic style which is simple and in natural tone, but she also believes in Feng Shui that she was told to use bright colours such as purple, red, orange in the house decoration. Our designer solved these two seemingly conflicting directions by choosing the cosmopolitan elements in the Nordic style to link up three requirements coherently. After our magical remould, the aged and dusty house transformed into a bright modern house.


In the living room, we use natural stone gray, beige and silver as the main colour tone in order to neutralize the strong visual effect brought by the purple sofa, which is a Feng Shui item, and creates a simple and modern Nordic style. For the decorations parts such as the table lamps next to TV, chandeliers in the dinner area and the wall clock, they are in golden rose in order to fulfill the owner’s preference. The reason for using golden rose colour in small decorations only is that we try to avoid visual conflicts by putting more than two bright colours on the main furniture, as It may create a feeling of pressure in space.

浴室方面我們做了比較大的工程,因為原本狀況比較舊和骯髒,所以牆壁和地磚全部重新鋪砌,選料上我們用了現代風裡不可或缺的石元素 - 大花白雲石,與客廳的主色互相呼應。潔具上則用了黑色加重俐落的都市感。

In the bathroom, we did a big renovation and construction work to dismantle and repave all the wall and floor tiles because it was quite old and dirty originally. In the selection of materials, we used Arabescato Marble which is an indispensable stone element in the modern style. It also connects with the main tone in the living room to create a conherant vibe. Black colour is being used on sanitary ware to accentuate the urban feel.


We also play a little trick on the door handle, using black colour as a sign to distinguish each independent space.



In the kitchen area, the owner likes cooking and collecting teaware from all over the world. We built a U-shape kitchen to increase storage space for cooking wares and the client's collections. The surface of the cooking area is also wider compared to the previous structure which are two separated kitchen tables. Now  our client can enjoy her cooking time in this spacious kitchen table freely. We also put a little effort on the kitchen lighting as the window there is relatively small and the kitchen lacks natural light. To provide a better quality of the cooking experience, we installed a row of white and yellow spotlights under the kitchen cabinet to create a natural sun light effect.

The unit area of The Parcville is not big, but through colour matching, custom-made furniture and lighting installation, it creates more visual space with a spacious feeling. The design is full of energy and modern feeling can exactly reflect the young vitality of two owners and their personalities.


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