半島豪庭 (Royal Peninsula)


作品單位: 紅磡半島豪庭



[Living in a 45 degree-geometric house]

Project: Hung Hom Royal Peninsula (1000 ft)

The scarcity of land and high land price in Hong Kong is well-known in the world. Avoiding waste of space, many diamond-shaped or irregular geometric shaped houses are being built. This unit in Hung Hom Royal Peninsula perfectly demonstrates the uniqueness of Hong Kong-style architecture. No houses are the same in terms of their structural angle. Same as human beings, every person is unique by their personality and living habits. Interior design is the moderator to connect and accommodate the two parties harmoniously. No matter what shape the living space is, you will be able to find the right angle to live a splendid life.



"Geometric Personality"

Despite geometric shapes varied a lot from each shape and it seems to be freestyle and irregular, they are actually formed under a very accurate formula, which is more precise than any other design theories. We applied this geometric formula to modify corners which are not in 90 degree angle, as well as the making good part of furniture edges. Apart from the special structural characteristic of this house, another reason for this design idea is the connection between the owner's personality and the geometric theory. Using the 45 degree angle instead of normal right angle or curve on edge making good can make the design looks simpler, cleaner and smoother. It better fits with the straightforward personality of the male homeowner. We could find the geometric design appearing on some big furniture at the entrance of each area, such as the big, tall storage cabinet in the doorway, kitchen, bedroom and study room. The 45 degree edge design makes the passage wider. The homeowner and his dog can walk around smoothly and no need to be afraid of bumping into any sharp corner.



"Let the house lives for you"

The theory "don't let the clothes wear you" in fashion design is also applicable in interior design. To avoid boring show house style design and make it unique to the people living inside, we integrate the simple lifestyle of the owner into the "door" set up. All doors in the unit are hidden door with concealed hinge, You can enter every space easily with a light push. This design may not be suitable for everyone, it is extremely important to the dog-loving homeowner. The hidden door design makes both people and dogs enjoy an equal living space. This lightweight design also represents the homeowner’s simple lifestyle.



"A good mood is from good colours"

This house could be divided into three functional areas mainly by colours. The owner has a rich collection of designer furniture, decorations and paintings which are displayed in the entrance, the dining room and the corridor. To highlight this stylish area, we use charcoal gray tiles for the floor and mainly black, white and natural elements for furniture. It outlines a fashionable atmosphere and gives a bright mood to the users. On the other hand, we used wood-grain floor tiles in the bedrooms and study room. The nature-based warm and soft colours can make people subconsciously relax after a busy day. For the bathroom, a dark theme is selected. The darkened bathroom is like nature's protective colour, providing us a break time to take a deep breath and smoothen the frustrated emotions. It allows us to reflect our life and give us a good start for the next day. Although the three main areas use different colours, we repeated the use of some earth tone colours in each space. This technique is called "Repetition" in interior design. It helps connect each area and create coherence.



"Everyone needs a healing corner"

The main feature of this house is having a very stunning view of the Victoria Harbour in the living room, master bedroom and study room. Instead of a big transformation, the designer prefers keeping its original bay window settling with some comfortable cushions in the living room and master bedroom. This simple, clean and quiet corner provides a good healing space for the homeowner to let go of all the worries and focus the mind on such a beautiful view. For the study room, we built a big study desk on the bay window. It extends and connects to the tall wall-mounted bookcase on the left, providing the users with a larger working space and highlighting the amazing sea view outside. Instead of building a huge bookcase covering the whole wall which makes the room smaller and may create too much pressure , the designer made the bookcase edge a 45-degree bevel and left the corner space empty in order to make room for putting a comfortable wooden armchair. This area becomes another perfect spot for meditation and reading.



We accept imperfections, but do not succumb to imperfections. No matter if it is a house with 45-degree angle or irregular angles, we will not insist on changing it but follow the flow to strive for a smooth transition. Same theory in design, we will not use design to change the living habits of homeowners, but response to them. Each house should have the soul of the homeowners to make it unique and different from any others.

If you have not found a suitable angle to feel your home, welcome to seek our help to "calculate out the answer" for you by using this geometric equation.