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嘉熙 (Solaria)

新屋設計 - 嘉熙

Design for new apartment, Solaria



Nowadays, Minimalist lifestyle is on one of the hot search list.

It looks easy to execute but it isn’t.

Practicality against Aesthetics is always a challenge on tailor- made furniture design.


But how to apply like a pro?


Here are some tips from this project:

1. 電視特色牆: 加厚牆身不單令電線更易收藏牆內,連接雲石面料更方便清潔

1. TV feature wall in marble: a feature wall can provide 70 mm interval which organising wirings in better way. And it is easier to clean by applying marble at the surface.

2. 電視組合櫃: 預先製定好傢俬用途,例如今次設計業主希望存放影音用品/ 雜物/紅櫃/ 餐具及鞋

2. Storage unit in living area: confirm the purpose of furniture in advance. For example like this project, the owner would like combine TV, wine, tableware and shoes in one cabinet.

3. 書檯: 檯面最後方安置暗藏拖板位, 既不會’頂腳’ 也能長期令桌面保持整潔

3. Work desk: can reserve concealed spot for extension socket at the end of table. it keeps clean at all time without affecting seating comfort.

4. 全高衣櫃: 留意入lift 高度,這可能會影響外觀及儲物分配 4. Full height wardrobe: pay attention to the lift height, it will affect the exterior and storage planning.


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