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海逸豪園|紅磡 Laguna Verde, Hung Hom

建築面積:759sq.ft. 實用面積:561sq.ft.

Gross Floor Area: 759sq.ft. Saleable Area: 561sq.ft.



Streaming is for gathering.

We are fascinated by the beauty of ‘Circle’. Infusing a semicircle concept from the 90° round shape built-in foyer seating bench to the long curved white cabinet in the living room. Adding a streamline ceiling above the dining area can divert the functions of the rooms in such an open space. The rose red geometric sofa centered our design concept - gathering every space as a whole.



The lightness of floatation.

We consciously design the floating storage cabinet by keeping some space between the ceiling and floor for reasons - lightness, spaciousness and tidiness. It’s a place for shoes, also a place for a sense of emptiness.



'Being simple is not banal, it is elegant.’

Traditional TV unit has been replaced cleverly by a projector and a hidden projection screen. This flexible arrangement can easily connect both living and dining areas for entertainment without a distance. We value all the priceless gathering moments, same as we value the beauty of your simplistic living.



From cooking to dining.

The same neutral color palette in both the open kitchen and living room enhances the warmthness on the design visual level. We decided to connect the kitchen counter with the dining table by a small corner unit - continuing the U-shaped flow smoothly by bringing cooking and dining together.



Exclusive design in every room.

The clear glass cabinet for handbags, the luggage storage area for the kid who studies overseas. Every room is designed for the person who lives with their needs - design for every individual of you.



The cleansing moment.

We fully utilize the space in the bathroom for both shower and laundry purposes - a diamond-shaped shower room at the corner occupies less space for more possibilities. The golden marble tiles infuse the color of nightfall into the design - It is a sanctuary dedicated to your cleansing ritual.



Details matter.

Hearing the needs, transforming necessities into beautiful functionalities. Before we redefine the true meaning of a place we called home by design, we trust the power of design.redefine the true meaning of a place we called home by design, we trust the power of design.


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