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西營盤金帝軒(Golden Lodge)


Part 1: 西營盤金帝軒(Golden Lodge)

建築面積:656 使用面積:439


近代設計趨向Minimalism-極簡主義,如果想將華麗元素加入極簡設計,總怕造成「一個向左走,一個向右走」的突兀效果。但豪華不等於奢華,適當拿捏用色、物料比例,避重就輕,就算是極簡也能滲透出輝煌的光芒,把設計提升到另一個「高雅」層次 ——清新雅緻而不俗气。

Part 1: Golden Lodge, Sai Ying Pun

Gross Floor Area: 656 Saleable Area:439

Fancy but not Crazy

Minimalism is a mainstream design approach in the recent decade. You might be afraid of putting anything too complicated, such as fancy elements, into a Minimalist design that might result in awkwardness. However, everything doesn’t cross the line by having a good control on colour selection and ratio, a minimalist home could also mix and match with fancy elements and bring the design to the next level - Elegance.

華麗風講究質感較重的顏色帶出莊嚴視覺效果。金帝軒項目設計初期,我們篩選了一系列可以相互搭配的古典顏色砌出Moodboard,挑出5款深度由中到深的顏色:黑色、炭灰、棕灰、淺灰、杏色,冷暖比例是7:3,用深淺做出層次,勾勒出主次分明的華麗氛圍又不會過分冰冷和具距離感。整間屋子先用了棕灰色作基調;再用炭灰劃出重點部分,例如沙發、電視櫃;黑色則作修飾部分,例如門框修邊、手抽;電視牆我們選用了淺灰色。如果整間屋子都用油漆分色,會缺乏華麗風的高貴質感,所以淺灰色的電視牆改用了牆紙,當指尖划過油漆平滑到牆紙凹凸的牆身,具層次的觸感淡淡又不浮誇地滲出不平凡,這就是簡約中的「高雅」層次 。


Grand interior designs tend to use solid dark colours to bring out the solemn visual effect. To strike a balance between minimalism and elegance, our designer sets up a mood board with a series of classic grand colours that can match with minimalism at the beginning of the Golden Lodge project. Black, charcoal grey, brown-grey, light grey, and apricot - 5 colours ranging from medium-light to dark are chosen as the theme colour of the design. The main tone of the apartment is light brown-grey. The main area of the apartment, such as sofa, TV cabinet, are pointed out by charcoal grey. The black colour is only on small details for decoration purposes, such as door frame, furniture handles. To inject the elegant vibe, we use a light grey wallpaper to decorate the TV wall. The change of material texture gives a highlight to the design. Also, wallpaper is commonly used in many grand designs. It quietly upgrades the whole design to a higher level.


Luxury but not Extravagant

The perception of grand designs for most people is all about luxury furniture or splendid decorations. That is also equal to expensive. However, we value design as a whole to bring out the vibe rather than just focus on only a few parts. Choosing the right colour, mixing and matching materials with different textures in the correct ratio can also give the same result. In this project, the designer used the technique of layers and shadow, such as black door frame, wood stripes design, to replace fancy but costly decorations. Using wallpaper to build a must-have decoration wall in grand design is also a very useful tactic to lower your cost. This simple elegant style is suitable for Hong Kong houses.


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