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金帝軒 Golden Lodge JASMINE

建築面積:656sq.ft. 實用面積:455sq.ft.

Gross Floor Area: 656sq.ft. Saleable Area: 455sq.ft.



[Nature, Zen and The Home ]

We are in an time where design styles are flourishing. After travelling in a kaleidoscopic world bright and vibrant, we always like a slice of simplicity in our hearts. In recent years, we’ve seen minimalism and simple styling become more popular in the design space. Over time developing a sense of purpose when I conceived the design, focus on the external beauty is not the only reason, but to look for the connections between design and environment for the people around us, expressing this through the space and design.


A unit located on the upper floors of Golden Lodge which has a usable area of 455 Sq ft. The Owners hope to have a Zen home that is balanced both in nature and appearance. Additionally, incorporating design elements inspired by nature, we choose environmentally friendly materials to ensure the decor has a nature theme, while keeping in tune with sustainability inside and out.


Unlike other general designs, when you enter the home, you will not see many electronic products that modern homes cannot be without, but a ‘Feature wall’ made from wood veneer. This covers a large area of the walls with a natural wood colour giving you a feeling of being in nature, subconsciously relaxing guests and hosts. Behind the wood veneer door is a hidden compartment where the TV is. This can be opened when necessary to reduce the visual clutter in daily life.


The design of the entire unit is based on ‘comfortable’ and ‘soft natural colours’. In addition to its own characteristics, each area will include elements of the same colour to connect the space cohesively.


The essence of Zen is that everything has spirit, and the space should not be disturbed. In order to bring the artistic concept of Zen to a deeper level, the designer brought the concept of environmental protection into the design. In order to reduce the chance of frequent furniture changes, most of the finishes are made from durable and wear-resistant materials, such as the suspended sideboard cabinets in the dining area. We’ve also added glass elements to the doors of the bedrooms in order to bring the most sunlight inside the home and bringing nature back indoors.


The ‘Home’ we recognise may only be a few hundred square feet but, the earth and nature we live in are the ideal home. What we design is not just within these four walls, but the world formed by a combination of each space. Zen interior design concepts breaks through the wail between mind and environment, allowing us to have an open dialogue with nature at any time.


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