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How design details foster calm, peace, and stronger family bonds in daily life at home.

Nan Fung Sun Chuen | Quarry Bay

Gross Floor Area: 692 sq.ft   Saleable Area: 570 sq.ft


Living in a city where space is at a premium, the thoughtful consideration of future residential design is the main focus of this project.

| Harmonious.

The entire unit is decorated with bright light wood and white as the main theme, creating consistent connectivity throughout all individual spaces. Grass green is used for the hallway and bathroom, while sky blue is utilized for the kitchen. Additionally, the three bedrooms each feature thematic colors of pink, light purple, and aqua blue. These harmonious color schemes not only add vitality to the space but also preserve the individual personalities of each family member.

| Forward-thinking design. 

A design should meet the needs of people at different stages of life. With consideration for aging family members, this design incorporates multiple beveled edges and emphasizes ergonomic design, along with modern and minimalist storage solutions. To ensure ease of care for the elderly, materials that are easy to maintain are used, and safety handrails are added, while also reserving space for future caregiver requirements. In accommodating future changes, the design aims to uphold a high-quality living standard with attention to detail.

| Design creates conversations.

Upon opening the main door, one's gaze is drawn to the open shelves cabinet at the far end of the dining room. It serves as a showcase for religious items, reflecting the shared spiritual values of the family. The specially designed glass door in the kitchen invites more light from the main window of the living room. This not only expands the visual sense of space but also allows family members to keep an eye on the kitchen while bridging the distance among everyone in the limited space.


These thoughtful details in the design aim to instill a sense of ease, peace of mind, and greater closeness in the family's daily lives.


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